Everything in the facility is built for the fast and efficient transfer of grain.

The South La Rail Facility features a dual truck pit that can unload a truck in four minutes and elevators that can handle 25,000 bushels per hour.

This kind of efficiency means more profit for an exporter.

Four hopper bottom tanks provide 156,000 bushels of pre-positioned cargo to load 40 rail cars

   In 2009, atmosphere for marketing your rice crop was difficult, you would receive a text on your flip phone “no bid”. Then a small group of producers organized to pursue additional marketing options and that is when Louisiana Independent Rice Producers (LIRPA) was created and joining United States Rice Producers Association (USRPA). In 2010, the South Louisiana Rail Facility (SLRF) was established as a for profit rail loading terminal. Some 150 members joined to contribute towards a 6 million dollar rail loading facility, and in 2012 the first rail cars were loaded for Mexico. In 2015, rail cars inventory was insufficient for business. At the port of Lake Charles, an investor was constructing a bulk grain loading terminal, SLRF loaded the 1st vessel and about 30 vessels later we were shipping to Mexico, Central and South America, including buyers like ADM, Cargill, Gavilon, and direct.


   In 2019 we met Agreeta, representing a platform for sustainable, traceable, processing and management. 4th quarter 2020 began construction of a Buhler equipped rice mill with emphasis of sustainable traceable production. Start up schedule for 3rd quarter 2022. With about 220 members, both producers and supporting Vendors, SLRF strives to deliver quality at a fair price. We began searching for marketing options and in 10 short years continue to expand those options.

The South Louisiana Rail Facility is owned by the Jefferson Davis Parish Police Jury and located on land owned by the Louisiana Agricultural Financing Authority.  It is operated by a separate LLC comprised of over 200 producers and investors.  

South Louisiana Rail Facility, LLC. 
 Current Board of Directors
Don Gauthier, Chairman
Ronald Petree, Vice-Chairman
Kyle Todd, Secretary / Treasurer
Glendon Marceaux
Jim Watkins
Bill Wild
Garrett Broussard
Keith Heinen
Mark Heinen
Tony Godeaux
Garret Hebert
Benji Guillot
Burt Tietje